How To Have An Amazing Paris Proposal

You have set your heart on this one person and decide to commit to her for life. This Paris proposal is a special milestone in your lives marked not only in your calendars.

It is a milestone that is worthy of pictorial capture. So that you can share your joy in photos and are able to revisit this very moment whenever.
These beautiful photographs will also be your heirloom for generations to enjoy.

So where do you start? Here is a step by step guide to put zen and peace into your heart and mind. A guide that puts fun and excitement into planning your perfect Paris proposal.

1.Before your Paris Proposal – the ring

Engagement diamond ring
Sapphire engagement ring

You may already have an idea of the ring, have bought one or on the hunt for one. Whichever the case, it is good that you educate yourself on diamonds / gems to get the best one in your budget.

An engagement ring is something she will wear for life. It is the mark of your new commitment. So it has to last, alongside your marriage.

My husband went on the Blue Nile website to learn about diamonds before going shopping. It helped him to be certain of the quality he was looking for with an idea of the budget. The knowledge he gained also made discussions with various jewellers engaging and enjoyable.

Do have a safe time distance if you are ring shopping together or needing to get ideas on what she likes. Most ladies like the surprise of the proposal itself.

2.Insurance for the ring

Diamond engagement ring

For your peace of mind and heart, get your ring insured for travelling to Paris.

3.Hire the right Paris proposal photographer

Paris proposal with family at the Eiffel Tower

Once you have the ring sorted, the next step is hiring the right Paris photographer for you.

Think about your personalities. Are you flamboyant and extroverted? Or are you quiet and introverted? Do you both like grand gestures or are you the private type? Does your partner love or hate surprises?

Then look for a photographer whose style and demeanour reflect who you are. You should be able to tell from their website wordings and portfolio if one is a good match for you. Ask for an extensive portfolio if you want to see more of their proposal work if unsure.

The next thing to consider is communication with your shortlisted Paris photographer. How responsive is he/her to your requests and questions? Do you understand each other? Communication is key to ensuring that your Paris proposal is magical. And memorable.

4.Involvement of family & friends during your Paris proposal

Sharing the joy of a Paris proposal with family
A Paris proposal shared and witness by family

If you’d like family and friends to witness and share the joy of your surprise proposal, they’d need to play their part well. They’d also need to know when to get out of the way without arousing suspicion from your partner.

5.Choose a location for your Paris proposal

Paris garden proposal photoshoot
Paris proposal by the river Seine

Pick a location that is meaningful to the both of you, iconic or one that signifies who you are. For example, if you both garden lovers, Paris has quite a few gardens for your picking. If you like being by the water, a proposal by a fountain, pond or the river Seine could rock your boat. Looking for that symbol of love in Paris? Look no further than the Eiffel Tower. If you love art and culture, modern or old, Paris is rich in them.

Let your Paris photographer know what you like so that he/she can help you pick out the ideal location for your surprise proposal.

6.Time your Paris proposal to amazing light

Paris proposal at sunrise at the Eiffel Tower
Paris proposal on a cloudy day at the Eiffel Tower

Time your Paris proposal photoshoot for good light. This means sunrise or an hour before sunset. The light for these times are soft, glowing and magical. You will not regret it.

Cloudy days are great for your proposal photography too. So jump for joy if your proposal day happens to be a cloudy one. Think of the beautiful photographs you will have out of it.

If you are proposing in the summer months of Paris, do avoid midday where the sunshine is likely to be strong. Harsh contrast of shadow and light around you and on you aren’t flattering. Not to mention squinty eyes.

If you are proposing indoors, choose a spot where there is good a good stream of natural light. For example, by a window or doorway. An indoor proposal allows for personalisation of your ambiance and environment. You can add string bulbs, candles, music, hanging lanterns etc.

Outdoors or indoors, your Paris photographer should be able to help you execute the perfect proposal moment.

7.Managing crowds

Paris surprise proposal at the Eiffel Tower in the morning

When you are proposing to your girlfriend, you’d want some privacy and space to do it. You’d want to be able to take the time and find the right moment to go on your knee.

Having crowds and noise around you isn’t the romantic ambiance you are looking to have. Let alone photobombed left, right and centre!

The best time of the day to avoid crowds is sunrise, especially in the summer.

If you are on a fleeting trip to Paris and can only do your proposal during the day, trust your Paris photographer to propose locations that have the least crowd and most privacy for yourselves.

The goal is to have timeless, classy photographs to jog you down memory lane in years to come. Photographs that look like Paris stood still in time for your great moment of a lifetime.

8.Take a moment for yourselves after the proposal

Emotions of a Paris surprise proposal
Tears of joy on their engagement

Once the beautiful engagement ring is on her finger, take a moment for yourselves and soak in the moment. Embrace, kiss and be present with each other.

Your photographer can wait. This is one of the few occasions where you are happy to see ugly crying from your fiancee! Allow space for that and for your photographer to capture these raw emotions. Make sure that she’s not facing away from the photographer though.

The best surprise proposal photos are the ones that are genuine and oblivious to the camera. Don’t rush to let her know that you’re being photographed.

9.Proceed with a Paris engagement photo session

Paris engagement photoshoot after the proposal
Paris engagement photo session after the surprise proposal

It is a good idea to proceed onto a Paris engagement photoshoot whilst on a high from the proposal. Occasions like this is fleeting and can be a blur. An engagement photo session can be a great way to prolong and capture the glowing feelings.

Your engagement photoshoot can be either at the same location or at another location. I would suggest the latter for a variety of looks to your proposal and engagement photos.

10.Extra thoughts

Engagement in Paris
Paris proposal photoshoot
Paris engagement photoshoot after the proposal

Get her a manicure treat either before your trip or in Paris. You’d want her to be feeling good about her nails and hands when the ring is being slipped on. More so, when she knows her hands and ring will be featured in your proposal and engagement photos.

If you would like to know more about booking a Paris surprise proposal session, please get in touch. I’d be delighted to help you out.

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