Paris photoshoot for Alex & Ciaran’s 1st Wedding Anniversary

Paris couple photoshoot to celebrate 1st wedding anniversary.

At the beginning

Ciaran was honest with me when I followed up on her booking enquiry. She was waiting to get replies from other Paris photographers before she decides.

I was of course happy when she booked her Paris anniversary photoshoot with me. It also made me curious on why she chose me over the other photographers.

Here’s why she hired me for their Paris Photoshoot (in her words)

I chose you because I think your pictures have a great mix of up close photos, that show us off, and further away photos, that capture the entire scene. I love having an array to choose from!

I love your lighting, as other Paris photographers I found had either VERY bright lighting (almost a fake look) or very dark (almost looked rainy in all the photos).

I also felt good that you were able to resonate with me on not loving your wedding photos. I know you see how much this Paris photoshoot means to us, to make up for it!

Paris couple photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower to celebrate 1st wedding anniversary.

During their romantic Paris Photoshoot

My eyes were first drawn to Ciaran’s fabulous biased cut green dress. I thought her colour choice was stunning. She’s my first client who dresses in green for her Paris photoshoot, a great shade of green that suits her. Her dress was timeless and fitted her petite curvy frame well. Alex’s discreet checked green shirt is a nice quiet match to her dress too.

If you’d like a guide on what to wear and how to look good for your Paris photoshoot, I’ve blogged about it here.

Their warmth and friendly smiles made me like them at once. It was a crowded morning during their photo session. Yet, they were calm and flexible to go with the flow of the photoshoot resulting in beautiful photos.

Paris couple photoshoot to celebrate 1st wedding anniversary.

A bit about them

We met in college, during spring break. Mutual friends that we traveled with to Florida for the holiday introduced us.

Alex proposed at the Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado after five and a half years of being together. We hiked to the top of the dunes during sunset, where he got down on one knee.

We balance each other out. Alex is calm and collected. He is reassuring, trustworthy, and strong. I am much more chaotic and outgoing, rarely calm. Together, we make each other complete. We are the missing pieces to each other’s lives.

We got married at a Catholic Church in Denver, Colorado with a reception afterwards at a large art gallery called, Space Gallery. Our wedding theme was modern and bright, filled with colourful flowers. Our bridesmaids had unique dresses each. There were food trucks, cupcakes, games, dancing. It was lots of fun!

Paris romantic photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower carousel to celebrate 1st wedding anniversary.

Why their Paris Anniversary Photoshoot was a meaningful one

I have always wanted to come to Paris since I was a little girl. Alex had been before but only for a short period of time. We decided it was the perfect, most romantic place to visit for our first wedding anniversary. The food was delicious and the most beautiful sites made for such a great trip!

1st wedding anniversary celebrated with a photoshoot by Paris photographer Shantha.
Paris romantic photoshoot to celebrate 1st wedding anniversary.
Paris photoshoot for couple celebrating their 1st wedding anniversary at the Eiffel Tower.

Q: Why don’t you love your wedding photos? What was missing?

A: The thing that was missing most was structure. Every photo was very candid and fun, which suited our day and venue. But, we missed good simple portraits of Alex and me, smiling straight at the camera together.

Q: Did your first anniversary photos taken in Paris make up for what was missing in your wedding photos? If so, what is it?

A: They do! We have well thought out and structured photos. You posed us well with a bit of candid-ness and laughter in them all. And the added background of Paris, makes for such beautiful shots.

Paris 1st wedding anniversary photoshoot by the River Seine and Eiffel Tower.

I’m always grateful when my clients take the time to write a nice review.
Reviews help potential clients know and understand how I work. Here’s what they said:

‘Shantha was such a joy to spend time with during our trip to Paris. She one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. She delivered us beautiful photos that we will cherish forever. I hope to cross paths with Shantha again in the future! Highly recommended for any sort of photos you might be wanting during your visit to Paris!’

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