Nice Spots around the Notre Dame for Your Paris Photoshoot

Cathedral de Notre Dame

Is the Notre Dame still a great location for your Paris photoshoot?

The Notre Dame is another must see iconic site in your guide book. Another location to bring the best of Paris back with you in photos. Your guide book is still right despite the fire damages of 2019.

The cathedral is located on Ile de la Cité, one of the two islands in the Seine river within the city of Paris. The island and its surrounding are aplenty with old world charm. Skip it and you’ll miss them.

Photoshoot at the Cathedral de Notre Dame

Here are some of the nice spots to do your Paris photoshoot near and around the Notre Dame. We are going to start on the left bank opposite the Ile de la Cité (and the Notre Dame) before going onto the island.

1.Your Paris Photoshoot with the Notre Dame in the background

The blaze on the 15th of April 2019 destroyed a good part of the Cathedral, bringing down the spire and a large area of the roof. It is now a huge construction site. The repairs will take approximately 5 years to complete. So do you skip being photographed at the Notre Dame completely? Absolutely not!

There are still some beautiful facades and the bell towers of the Cathedral that we can make use of – from a clever distance.

Head to the left bank of the river where you can find the bouquinistes. Make them the foreground in your photos. They add on a typical Paris scene to your photos.

Engagement photoshoot at the Notre Dame

Here’s the bell tower view from Rue Galande.

Paris photoshoot at the Notre Dame

There are of course other great angles to be had for the Notre Dame background in your photos. Be prepared to walk around with your Paris photographer during your photo session to find them.

If you’re wondering what your photoshoot at the Notre Dame could be like in 5 year’s time, here are some images pre-fire days to feed your curiosity.

Paris individual photoshoot at the Notre Dame
Paris photoshoot at the Notre Dame
Paris photoshoot at the Notre Dame
Paris engagement photoshoot by the River Seine with the Notre Dame in the background
Paris couple photoshoot at the Notre Dame
Paris couple photoshoot by the River Seine with Notre Dame in the background

Best time to get the Notre Dame view is sunrise.

2. Odette with Chou a la Creme for your Paris Photoshoot

Towards the end of rue Galande, you will spot a crooked building that’s both pretty and quaint like out of a children’s story book. It’s no other than Odette, serving the best Chou à la Crème in town! I’ve tried all the flavours. My favourite is the classic vanilla and chocolate. Have them with a cup of hot tea, oh la la!! You’ve got to sit in.

Paris engagement photoshoot at Odette
Chou a la creme at Odette, Paris
Chou a la creme with engagement ring

3. Square Rene Viviani for another Notre Dame Photoshoot View

If you wanted to know the oldest tree planted in Paris, this place is it! You will find a Robinia planted here in 1601.

This is a small public garden, almost tourist free, unless of course, your Paris photographer takes you here for another perspective of the Notre Dame.

Paris couple photoshoot at Square Rene Viviani with the Notre Dame view
Cathedral de Notre Dame

4. Photoshoot at Shakespeare and Company

Once you’ve finished your photoshoot at Square Rene Viviani, head back up and on your left: you will find an old English language bookstore called Shakespear & Company. It’s at 37 rue de la Bûcherie, 75005, Paris. The building was originally a monastery. You can read their interesting inception here.

The old delightful facade of this bookstore makes it a great background for your photos.

Individual photo session at Shakespeare and Company
Paris engagement photoshoot near the Notre Dame

5. Paris Photoshoot along Quai de la Corse

From the Shakespeare’s bookstore, head to the Petit Pont – Cardinal Lustiger to get onto Ile de la Cité. Walk pass the Notre Dame which should be on your right all the way to Quai de la Corse. Here you will find beautiful architecture of Hotel de Ville in the background of your photos.

Quai de la Corse for couple's photoshoot
Quai de la Corse

A side note: if you have time, slide to rue des Ursins for a quick shot of an old looking door before going to Quai de la Corse. This door is placed here only in 1958 though the wood material is much older than that.

Paris photo session at rue des Ursins

6. Pont d’Arcole for Your Photoshoot Finalé

This is one of the many romantic bridges that gets you leaving Ile de la Cité onto the right bank of the River Seine, towards Hôtel de Ville.

A romantic photoshoot on Pont d'Arcole in Paris

There you have it. A good hour of Paris photoshoot near and around the Notre Dame that gives a variety of looks to your photographs.

As always, I hope you find this post swirls up a desire in you to visit Paris one day. Bookmark the post for your future reference, share it, email it, pin it and spread the love.

If you’d like to have a Paris photoshoot when you come to Paris, I would love to help you out. Get in touch here and let’s get your session planned and booked.

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