Please note that your lateness will eat into your photoshoot time. Whilst I would love to make up the time and endeavour to provide you with a fun filled and relaxing photo session, I may have restrictions in doing so due to having another photoshoot right after yours or other commitments.

Your shortened photoshoot time will also mean that the initial agreed number of images you will get will be reduced.

So please be on time at the specified meeting point on your photoshoot day to ensure a stress free and memorable experience.

Travel between locations

Where locations are not within walking distance, we will be using Uber taxis as transportation.

We can use my Uber account first and you reimburse me at the end of the photoshoot or if you have an Uber account, we can use yours directly.

Travel time count against your session time, so if you are planning your own locations (for two hours or more sessions), keep locations to a minimum or pick locations that are close to each other.

timelines & delivery of images

I aim to deliver your photos to you as soon as possible after your photoshoot date whilst the fresh experience of the session still stays with you. However, as ideal as we want it to be, sometimes life and peak season dictates the number of hours I can commit to editing photos in a day. Please expect a minimum of 3 weeks for your digital photos delivered to you via a password protected photo gallery.

Your photos will be selected by myself, edited and delivered to you digitally in high resolution JPEG format only.

Your private photo gallery is kept opened for 30 days from the date of the email. Ample of time for you to download and save your images. After which your delivered photos will be archived for a period of one year from the date of your photoshoot.

No part of any order, including previews, sneaky peeks will be delivered until your balance is paid and received in full.

Editing of your photos will not begin until the full photography fees are received.

If full payment has not been completed within 30 days of your photo session date, all photos from your session will be deleted.

Photos can be available within 24 hours (starting 2 hours after your photoshoot ends) with a rush fee of 150euros.

editing & retouching

All your selected images will be lightly edited for the overall ambiance colour and feel. Any non permanent skin blemishes like spots and acnes as well as stray hair will be edited out. Birthmarks and scars will not be edited out unless specifically requested before your photoshoot date.

Heavy retouching such as performing digital liposuction on your bodies and limbs (taking weight off), changing the colour of your dress or shirt, ironing out the creases in your attires are not included in the fee charged for your photoshoot. If you'd like your images to be heavily retouched, they will be outsourced with additional fees incurred on your part.

So please let me know before hand if you are sensitive about certain areas of your body (no shame in it, we all have that!) and I shall do my best to pose you in ways that do not highlight those parts. We may also discuss wardrobe choices together so that you wear flattering items for your photoshoot.

cancellation & refunds

A reservation fee is required to guarantee your session slot. This initial payment is only refundable if you cancelled 30 days before your booked date.

Of course I am not heartless if you cancelled out of illness, accident or any unforeseen circumstances at the last minute but please remember that photography feeds my family, puts a roof over our heads - so please be honest and kind. Refund will be at my discretion.

Likewise, if for any reason I am not able to perform your photoshoot (refer also to the Terms and Conditions section), I shall refer you to a list of other great photographers and fully refund your reservation fees.