Pretty Paris Photoshoot Spots at Ile Saint Louis

Pretty apartments of Ile Saint Louis

Ile Saint Louis is one of the two natural islands found in the river Seine within Paris. It is an upmarket and elegant little oasis away from the bustle of the French capital. You can definitely count on finding pretty Paris photoshoot spots around Ile Saint Louis.

Ile Saint Louis with Seine River view

This island gives you pretty views at water level, typical Parisian buildings, old charismatic wooden doors, narrow streets, a shopping street with specialty shops, dotted with cafes and bistros.

You will find large wonky 100 year old charismatic wooden doors lined along narrow cobbled streets. Some are painted in colours and some with their natural wood stained and scared with time. Take note of the nuts and bolts on some of the heavy doors. They can be also 100 years old. There’s a lot to explore and enjoy at Ile Saint Louis.

Blue doors at Ile Saint Louis

Don’t be fooled by some of the beaten up looking and small doors. Behind these humble entrances can be fascinating hidden courtyards. Some so old and unchanged with the times, each with their own stories. Some even look like an art museum. How do I know?

I had the good fortune of befriending a postman of Ile Saint Louis who one morning took me on his postal duties. I got the insider’s view and history to the fascinating hidden courtyards with my camera. We even went to where Camille Claudel, a muse and lover of Rodin, once lived.

I love photographing my clients at Ile Saint Louis for it’s quiet allure. Here are some of the pretty spots to go to, preferably with a Paris photographer.

1.Start your Ile Saint Louis Photoshoot at Pont Louis Philippe

Paris couple photoshoot at Pont Louis Philippe at Ile Saint Louis

This is a nice short stone bridge connecting the right bank of Paris to Ile Saint Louis. On this bridge you’d be able to have the Seine river and typical Parisian buildings in your background. When the repairs of the Notre Dame Cathedral is complete, you’d be able to see the steeple of the church in the background of your photos again.

Couple strolling at Ile Saint Louis, Paris

2.A Peaceful Paris photoshoot Spot at the West Point of Ile Saint Louis

Paris engagement photoshoot on Ile Saint Louis at the West Point

A forlorn yet romantic looking lamp post awaits you by the green waters at the tip of the West Point. A photograph here makes it look like Paris only belongs to you. Come here early in the morning.

You can get here by walking towards rue Jean du Bellay but bear right down the stairs at the intersection with Quai de Bourbon.

Paris photoshoot at Ile Saint Louis
Stairs going down to the West Point of Ile Saint Louis

You can also get some gorgeous ambiance photos under the Pont Louis Phillippe when you get down to the bottom of the stairs.

Paris romantic photoshoot at Pont Louis Phillippe

This is one nice place for a peaceful walk and water view of the Seine.

3.Going back up to Place Louis Aragon

A small quiet square with views of typical Parisian apartments and romantic lamp posts dotted around.

Paris romantic photoshoot at Ile Saint Louis
Paris couple photoshoot at Ile Saint Louis
Relaxing and reading at Place Louis Aragon - Ile Saint Louis
Playing in snow at Place Louis Aragon - Ile Saint Louis

4.The Back of the Notre Dame View

Strolling along the Seine River at Ile Saint Louis

From Place Louis Aragon, continue on towards Quai d’Orléans. It is a pleasant river view walk and you will see more of pigeon holed Parisian apartments on the opposite.

Passing the Pont Saint-Louis, you will see the back of the Notre Dame. The repair to the unfortunate fire event from April 2019 on the Cathedral could be completed by the time you arrive.

Notre Dame view from Ile Saint Louis
Paris engagement photoshoot at Ile Saint Louis
Couple in love at Ile Saint Louis

5.The Narrow Streets of Ile Saint Louis

Once you’re done with the Notre Dame and Seine river photos, it’s time to explore the narrow streets of Ile Saint Louis.

Streets of Ile Saint Louis
Romantic couple photoshoot in Paris at Ile Saint Louis

I remember my favourite street to be rue le Regrattier. So you could start with this street. And if your feet could carry you further, there’s rue Budé, rue des Deux Ponts, rue Poulletier and rue de Bretonvilliers.

Charming doors at Ile Saint Louis for a Paris photoshoot

See what facades and doors you find interesting and pretty for your Paris photos. Remember to include intricate details such as the door carvings and textures.

Kissing in front of a blue door at Ile Saint Louis

Rue Saint-Louis en l’Ile is the shopping street of the island. It has specialty shops along with everyday stores like the boulangeries, butcheries, fromageries and fleurists for the posh residents.

The famous French ice cream Berthillon is located on 31 rue Saint-Louis en l’Ile. There’s always a long queue in the summer. There’s also another gelato worthy place called Amarino on 47 rue Saint-Louis en l’Ile if you find Berthillon’s queue to be too long. My favourite flavours are the Noisette combined with L’Inimitable. Don’t be shy in asking them to top your gelato cones with a few hazelnuts and pieces of chocolate from the L’Inimitable tray.

Paris photoshoot at Ile Saint Louis

6.End Your Paris Photoshoot in a Bistro or Cafe

Street photography at Ile Saint Louis
Romantic couple photoshoot at a Paris bistro in Ile Saint Louis

What better way to end your Paris photoshoot on Ile Saint Louis at a bistro or cafe with an outdoor sitting. Parisian vibes to your photos and rest for your tired legs.

Paris romantic cafe photoshoot at Ile Saint Louis
Coffee at a bistro in Ile Saint Louis

7.Rue de Barres If You Have Some Time Left

If you have some time left to your Paris photoshoot at Ile Saint Louis, head back up to across the Pont Louis Philippe where you first started to Rue de Barres. Another pretty place with Parisian vibes.

Paris photoshoot location near Ile Saint Louis
Paris photoshoot location at rue de Barres

I hope this post has given you a lovely glimpse of what you could potentially look forward to when you have your Paris photoshoot at Ile Saint Louis.

Apartment courtyard in Ile Saint Louis

I’d love to help you put your Paris memories into beautiful fulfilling photographs. Get in touch here and let’s see how we can work together.

p/s there’s an interesting history write up on Ile Saint Louis here if you wish to read more about this quaint little island.

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